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River Terrace - Columbia, TN

At River Terrace, Elizabeth Parks Landry draws upon her lifetime of experience with New Orleans restaurants to provide you with a 5-star dining experience in the peaceful, riverside setting of a quaint and charming community.  All of our entrees are made from scratch when ordered and often are comprised of many local ingredients.  Nothing is pre-prepared - so you taste truly fresh flavor in every bite. River Terrace donates all wine and liquor bottles to boozy candle co to be repurposed into our signature candles! 

1000 Riverside Dr.

Columbia, TN 38401

Phone(931) 223-5135


Pleasant Valley Farm

Pleasant Valley Farm offers a variety of event locations from a romantic dinner for two on the Sunset Balcony (a beautiful place for a proposal, perhaps?) to an engagement or graduation party for up to 100 people. PVF also offers lodging at The Dairy Barn and at The Big House! PVF donates all wine and liquor bottles to be repurposed into our signature candles!

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